Is This Coin A Solid Investment?

Is a gold buffalo coin a solid investment or a big mistake?

The gold buffalo coin is generating a lot of buzz in the precious metals market.  These coins are definitely “worth their weight in gold” and then some.

For almost every investor and coin collector these coins are prized and have a high value. In addition to the gold value a buffalo coin also has value as currency, and can be used as such if the price of gold drops significantly in the future. A 1 ounce coin will have a currency value of $50, and lower fractional sizes are valued in terms of currency from $25 to $5.

Today an ounce of gold sells for more than $1,500 on the market, and a 1 ounce gold coin will have a comparable value. This means the $50 currency value stamped on the coin is significantly lower than the metal value of the coin. The demand for these coins is extremely high, partly because of the current gold price but also due to the historic value and beauty that these coins have.

This coin is considered a prize in any coin collection or investment portfolio, and these coins have a tendency to hold their value and help hedge against inflation in the future. Gold buffaloes are also very liquid because they are so popular. If you have investment capital tied up in these coins and you need to access this capital the coins can be quickly sold without taking a huge loss or experiencing long delays in finding a buyer.

The fact is that it may be harder to locate these coins for purchase then it is to sell them, because they are so desired by investors and coin collectors. It is possible to find top quality coins of this type online if you are willing to spend some time searching though. In many cases you may pay less than $100 over the spot price of gold on the market.

A gold buffalo coin can be a very solid investment for most investors. These coins are valued on a global basis, by foreign investors and collectors as well as those in America. These coins are beautiful to look at and valuable to own, making them a top investment choice for many individuals.